JAtY Clone Library

This TAC library, comprising 36,864 clones and providing 14X coverage of the Arabidopsis genome, was constructed using the pYLTAC17 vector at the John Innes Centre. For more information, including details on ordering clones, please go to http://www.getcid.co.uk. A subset of 8,223 clones from the library was mapped in silico against Arabidopsis using essentially the methods described above although, because this is a completely homologous exercise, we expect (and have experimentally verified) that these mappings are > 95% accurate. In common with other in silico mappings in this database, they may be re-validated using the one-click WU-BLASTN facility. GFF file provided by the Arabidopsis thaliana Integrated Database (ATIDB) based at the John Innes Centre (JIC)